Unity doesn't 

tolerate diversity...

it                   it!


In these critical times, NOW, more than ever we need to UNIFY and show our LOVE for one another and HEAL the heart of our country!

It's time to take action! By getting involved in activating a movement of Extravagant Love, together we will LIFT UP our country unto our greatest days ahead!

Please join us in healing

the      of our country!

Who we are

Extravagant Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are an activated umbrella charity that raises funds through your donations and various platforms to pour into our communities, educate, and touch lives to lift the human spirit! Our purpose is to spread so much love that we bring back FAITH in HOPE and LOVE again and heal the heart of our country. 
If you or anyone you know wants to be part of our movement to heal the heart of our country, please join us in this critical time of need.
Give generously and generous gifts will be given back to you, shaken down to make room for more. Luke 6:38

Palma.School Covid-19 Outreach

Palma School Pandemic Time Helping Families and Elderly

During the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place several single women and their children and elderly were quarantined and could not leave their homes. Extravagant Love partnered with Palma School and provided food and art supplies to help make their time in shelter more bearable.


Hudson Wood     Valedictorian Class of 2020


Mother's Day Gifts for Single Moms

On Mother's Day, Extravagant Love partnered with local non-profits and contributed Trader Joe's gift cards and flowers to accompany food boxes delivered to brighten the day of single moms in the community.

Annabelle Wallnau Outreach
Furnishing Families of Texas

Extravagant Love donated funds to help Furnishing Families of Texas. They provide clothing and furnish homes in the DFW Metroplex, one of the highest Homeless Single Mother Family Populations in the nation.


Lance & Annabelle Wallnau

HCJ LOGO Image.Only.png

Here Comes Joy Ministries (HCJ)

Extravagant Love partnered with BiggerMarketing and donated marketing services to brand and build the online digital presence of Sandi McGuire, president of HCJ Ministries. Sandi provides much needed inner healing that brings joy and freedom to help people live the abundant life Jesus provides. 


Activated Love (Q2 Report)


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